REVISION POLICY offers free, unlimited revisions to ensure the delivered Product is flawless and complies with all standards. This Revision Policy applies to all revisions provided by the firm.

General Provisions

Your request for a free revision will only be approved if your revision guidelines do not conflict with the initial instructions. You will be offered the option of a paid revision if your request for a free revision is denied for any reason.

To accommodate all revisions, please ensure your revision guidelines are thorough and clear. You can do this by emailing the reference to your order number to [email protected] or by contacting our support staff via the message board in your profile.

Revision Timelines

All free revision requests must be submitted within 14 days after the completed paper is uploaded to your profile. Therefore, please check your paper as soon as it is delivered. Also, always set a reasonable timeframe for your order to be revised, so we have time to make all necessary modifications.

The revision deadline may vary depending on the situation and may be extended up to 30 days in some circumstances. For example, if you need a revision for a lengthy project, such as a thesis or dissertation. However, it should not be shorter than an hour per page.

Please inform us immediately if for any reason you cannot download or access the completed paper. We will work to find another way for you to view the work.

If there is a question as to whether the copy satisfies the initial standards, our QA Department will address the situation taking into account all the available information.